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Beauty & Nirvana
Both lie within

A place where beauty meets healing.

Meet Garima

Holistic Beauty & Wellness Coach

hey! I'm Garima.

...and I'm all smiles to have you here!

I am certified in Face Yoga and Facial Reflexology, which when blended together work like magic- healing your inner body and getting your face glowing.

I help you achieve BEAUTY & CONFIDENCE inside-out through my knowledge of Facial Muscle Anatomy and Traditional Facial Reflexology by reversing your skin clock, healing your skin and body naturally, and balancing out your energies...


I Specialize In

...unlocking glowing skin with Face Yoga!

Reset Your

Beauty Routine

Heal Your Skin & Body From Within

Help You Look & Feel Younger

Unveil Your Most Beautiful Self

Holistic Beauty Practices

Turn Back the Clock & Rejuvenate Your Skin

Beauty enthusiasts have relied on various treatments to maintain youthful-looking skin for years. It’s time to discover the game-changing beauty trend that is revolutionizing wellness: FACE YOGA. Forgo expensive treatments and surgeries, as this natural approach to achieving youthful-looking skin, has become an increasingly popular sensation among beauty enthusiasts!


As a trained practitioner of Traditional Facial Reflexology and Face Yoga, I can help you look your best while also addressing deeper issues like TMJ, tension, and headaches. Through this program, let's discover ways to not only reduce wrinkles and many obvious signs of premature aging but also target the underlying causes of facial discomfort!

For the first time ever in India, I'm introducing a revolutionary combination of Face Yoga and Facial Reflexology that addresses both physical issues like wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, and blemishes along with others as well as internal body problems like PCOD/PCOS, unhealthy gut, hormonal imbalance, and more showing on your face in many forms, addressing them at the root level to unveil your most beautiful self.

Your face mirrors your internal and external health.

Let your face serve as an illuminating reflection of both how you feel inside and the health habits you keep on the outside. By taking care of not just what’s above your surface, but also beneath—your skin will thank (and show!) you for it!

Facial Yoga combined with Facial Reflexology is a natural and non-invasive technique that can help you achieve a natural facelift and a more youthful and healthy appearance. These alternative methods are effective anti-aging treatments as they work by stimulating the muscles and energy points in your face and neck, which helps to reduce wrinkles, and fine lines, and improve skin elasticity. With regular practice, a natural and long-lasting solution to maintaining youthful-looking skin is in your hands, without resorting to expensive and invasive cosmetic procedures. Additionally, they promote skin wellness by improving circulation and reducing tension, which can lead to a more radiant and glowing complexion. By combining these practices with a healthy lifestyle, you can achieve a more youthful, vibrant, and healthy appearance that radiates from the inside out.


Utilizing the principles of Facial Muscle Anatomy and facilitating the flow of vital energy in your system to remove all emotional aspects showing on your face, I strive to uncover the root causes of your skin concerns in my personalized Face Yoga classes. This takes your beauty and wellness to the next level by focusing on restoring elasticity and tone through mindful muscle movements. It also replenishes energy in every inch of skin for a vibrant, healthy glow!


That's how I help you unearth transformation on your face and beyond. I believe anyone can achieve a more radiant and healthy appearance through mindful beauty holistic habits and a focus on healing from within.


Join me on this pro-aging journey towards attaining timeless beauty from within!


...with my personalized Face Yoga Program!


The Journey Towards Pro-aging

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Are You Ready To Regain Control Over Your Beauty?

Garima is a fantastic coach. Her guidance is clear & precise, so you’re not looking up to check you’re doing the right thing. She’s very observant and is constantly checking on you. Her sessions are truly for all levels and have helped me get back my glowing skin, reduced wrinkles, and the fake smile I used to have in every picture is gone. I have felt a big difference.

- Sarmit K

It’s been one month since I enrolled with Garima, and it’s been an amazing experience. The sessions are well structured & planned. She’s super patient and makes you understand the basics and the science behind what we do. She takes the time to individually focus on everyone. My face now feels brighter and my skin texture is certainly improving.

- Megha S

I haven’t met a coach like Garima! She pushed my limits with such ease, that I regained my lost interest in self-care. Garima focuses on the pain points as well as keeps it engaging and interesting. She puts a different flavor each time, so I look forward to hopping on my video class! I never imagined that online coaching could be so fruitful, but she made it happen.

- Shikha A

Bringing to you my revolutionary one-on-one Face Yoga Classes!

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