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Holistic Beauty & Wellness Coach



hey! I'm Garima.

...and I'm all smiles to have you here!

I am certified in Face Yoga and Facial Reflexology, which when blended together work like magic- healing your inner body and getting your face glowing.

I help you achieve BEAUTY & CONFIDENCE inside-out through my knowledge of Facial Muscle Anatomy and Traditional Facial Reflexology by reversing your skin clock, healing your skin and body naturally, and balancing out your energies.

My approach to FACE YOGA coaching is different and I recognize that Face Yoga is more than just reducing unsightly wrinkles. It is a holistic workout that works beyond the surface layers of the skin.

Marrying FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY with Face Yoga, I am able to alleviate the emotional blockages that are also stored in your muscles causing tension, wrinkles, and other skin problems.

Your face mirrors your internal and external health- It is how you treat your face and skin as well as the “expectations” that society and social media lays on you. I help you unlearn the toxic ideas, unearth transformation on your face and beyond, learn mindful beauty holistic habits & truly HEAL FROM WITHIN.

My personal practice shapes my coaching style – passionate, conscious, truthful, and light-hearted. Through my 1:1 and group LIVE streaming classes, I aim to help you find your best face and uncover the layers you see in the mirror!


Aren't you all set to

your face muscles, smile, and spirits with me?!

lift up


..In Simple Words!

I’m here to make you

grow younger!

Confidence doesn't sprout just from your looks.

In fact, when your inner self mismatches the person on the outside, it can make you feel insecure, misjudged, or even embarrassed.

ra ma da sa sa say so hung

Sun, Moon, Earth, Infinity: All That is in infinity,

I am Thee.

The sunshine in me honours the sunshine in you!




Facial Muscle Movement, Natural Healing Methods, Healthy Mindful Eating, and Simple Lifestyle Changes have changed my life in infinite ways..

...and I feel passionate about sharing them with you!

Let me rewind a couple of decades to when it all started. I remember that when I entered my adolescence, I started becoming self-conscious about my looks. From a big and unattractive nose, dark circles, a skin full of acne to pigmentation- I had it ALL! At a very young age, I realized that toning my nose was possible using a few hand movements, and skin issues were made easy to handle by lifestyle changes and heirloom DIY techniques.

Very early on in life, I became a massive fan of Yoga and natural healing methods. Life overtook! I became a slave of the corporate world, but ONLY to find my way back to my original passion, more delighted than ever before.

Soon, I got a formal education in Face Yoga, Facial Reflexology, and Ashtanga Yoga. Advocating holistic ways of beauty, health, and well-being helped me gain much-needed confidence about what's possible for women and dauntlessly follow my passion. Now, I find my delight in making women bring out their best beautiful faces, one smile at a time.

I’d love to meet you at one of my sessions, workshops, or retreats. Much gratitude for stopping by to read my story. Please do share my website with a friend, if you liked my story!

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I earned my certification as a Face Yoga Method Coach, Dien Chan Zone® Facial Reflexology Operator, and RYT® 200 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.


Before specializing in Holistic Beauty and Wellness, I did a Masters in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from Stratford University, Virginia.


Fun Facts


About Me!


Ditched an elaborate wardrobe and moved to sports wear minimalism

Loves to feed people

Meditates on Macramé art

Has heart-to-heart conversation with plants

Dropped a piece of her heart in Copenhagen, Denmark

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