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The Ultimate     ° Glow-up!


I help you track down your beauty routine, facial muscles situation & alignment, internal body responses, lifestyle activities, stress levels, etc. I will educate you on skincare habits affecting your aging process, inner glow, and confidence.

You take control and ownership of how you treat your face, skin, and body to keep growing younger, not just for the duration of the program but way beyond.

It's a 3-stage program!

The Pre - consultation  Stage
  • You fill out an 'initial questionnaire' to help me understand your existing skincare and beauty routine

  • You share your top 3 beauty priorities from a 'beauty checklist' shared with you, including your expectations from the program

  • We plan a session schedule for the duration of the program based on your convenient time and day preferences

  • I share a document with easy guidelines to implement before our first session

The Consultation  Stage
  • 8 Intensive sessions* catering to your beauty & internal body healing requirements to attain beauty & wellness inside-out

  • Regular interactions, where we work together on devising a beauty and wellness routine that is sustainable in the long-run

  • Accountability sheet to ensure you are always on track

  • Unlimited emergency support during the program for all your queries

*Practice videos/ PDFs to be shared post each session

The Post - Consultation  Stage
  • A post-consultation document summarizing all the learnings from the program, along with practical guidelines

  • We maintain a post-program relationship to support you for a month, so you are able to maintain & inculcate a holistic beauty/wellness routine

Program Inclusions**

**Inclusions will be customized based on your personal goals

Face Yoga

Collagen Boosting


Facial Reflexology



Full Body

Lymphatic Drainage




Facial Tools


Ayurveda Analysis 


Diet Recommendations

Posture Correction



and DIYs

...also includes a hand-picked Holistic Beauty toolkit worth INR 3000/-


     (only for Indian Residents). 

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