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Yoga Just As You Are!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Yoga has been practiced by people for thousands of years! And even today, millions practice various styles – new and old, with the same rigour and passion.

Can you think back to another trend like Yoga that has continued for centuries? Probably not!

So, what is it about the philosophy of Yoga that binds a person?

I would say- Yoga meets you where YOU want it to meet you!

Your relationship with Yoga is your own! No one single reason drives people to the millennia-old practice. It cannot be shared with anyone, and it not is justifiable either.

If you’re new to this art, science, or philosophy of Yoga, chances are you got drawn it looking at the images on Instagram that make it seem intimidatingly tough. Well, this is just a story you depict looking at those images on the mat. But real yoga happens beyond the mat!

The fancy poses, I believe, are the easiest part of what Yoga is. Well, that is the third limb of this eight-limbed practice. Beyond the known threshold, fancy asanas, chiseled body, and standing upside down lie the real transformative odyssey. That’s when you have got to start sailing- inwards!⁠ You have got to get a grip on the movement and energy in your internal body, and mental refinement to navigate through. ⁠Many people have realised the physical benefits of yoga and have come to think of it as a type of workout. But yoga is way more than that. It’s an entire lifestyle.

Now, I want you to recall back to one day, just one day, when you practiced AHIMSA (non-violence)- in words, thoughts, and actions! In today’s times, where we hardly see smiles on people’s faces, have no time to halt our drive on the roads to let others go first, and when competition traps our souls, how do I say Ahimsa is even possible.

Well, Yogasanas help us make that possible. When you do yoga asanas, your nervous system calms down and you get out of that fight-or-flight state. In fact, just sitting and being aware of your own breath can be yoga. You’re aware, you’re in the moment, and you can find peace at that moment. At the same time, there can be different goals people are seeking from Yoga. Some may do yoga for the contemplative or meditative part of it and some people might want more of the exercise and activity part.

The last thing you should know is while Yoga refers to its literal meaning to be “union” – the union of body, mind, and soul, this is all about YOU! No matter how much we are all made of the same elements, there is a clear boundary. The combination and composition will always be different for two individuals. You are YOU! I am ME! In short, Yoga means burying all your assumptions and ideas.

Keep reading. Keep Practicing. Keep shining.

Smiles and Sunshine ☀️

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