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How Face Yoga Works!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Face Yoga is a blend of Yoga-like body postures and facial exercises that improve one’s appearance and overall well-being. The right mix of facial exercises or movements, expressions, and deep breathing leads to radiant, younger skin, a firmer face line, increased self-confidence, and self-awareness. Face Yoga is a tool that gives you the confidence to change yourself physically and mentally, not at a doctor’s clinic with injections or Botox, but by practicing certain exercises yourself.

The problem that Face Yoga solves is the ‘Ageing Process’. We, as adults lose sparkle and smile in the hullabaloo of everyday life, and as a result, we experience signs of ageing that include premature ageing, wrinkles, lines, thinning, discolouration, age spots, dullness, and weariness. Unfortunately, these signs show up in our 30s or 40s while the process would have begun much earlier.

Each individual is different, and the ageing process is also different for everyone. Listed below are some common reasons: 1. Proteins production- Decreased Collagen and Elastin production may lead to wrinkles and skin sagging. 2. Skin turnover– Increased skin turnover from 28 days to 40-50 days may lead to dullness and discolouration. 3. Gravity– With passing years, gravity pulls our face down leading to droopy eyes & mouth corners, jowls, big or pointy nose, and the likes. 4. Lifestyle habits– The way one sleeps, eats, talks, expresses feelings can lead to indentations in parts of your face creating lines & asymmetry.

The good news is Face Yoga can resolve these problems. Face Yoga uses the 4Rs step-by-step process to solve this problem- Release. Rebuild. Relax. Repeat. There are almost 60 muscles on our face, and when we do not use all these muscles, we lose them.

Release – The first step is to release the stiff or tight muscles of the face, especially of the affected area Rebuild – Next, we start the facial exercise on the concerned area and hold. Relax – The third step is to relax the area once before we start another round of practice. Repeat – Lastly, we practice the same pose again a few times on a regular basis to get the desired result.

Needless to say, as we keep moving our face muscles, oxygen flow and metabolism are better owing to good blood circulation. Soon, nutrients start reaching the top layer of our skin thereafter speeding up the skin turnover making one look young and radiant with softer and beautiful skin.

Besides the physical benefits, it has mental benefits too, like self-control and self-confidence. Some of the physical benefits include: 1. Improved complexion 2. Higher, more defined cheeks 3. Symmetrical face 4. Reduced wrinkles 5. Reduced double chin 6. Reduced puffiness and dark circles under the eyes 7. More even and smoother skin 8. Controlled, feminine jawline 9. Better defined lips 10. Bigger wide-open eyes

Some of the very first visible benefits that you will experience include: 1. Improved complexion 2. Higher, more defined cheeks 3. Reduced double chin, dark circles, and wrinkles

I believe in a holistic approach towards improving the beauty, health, and overall wellbeing. I prefer combining yogic body postures, breathing techniques, and meditation with facial exercises. This ensures that the benefit isn’t just physical, but the muscles also receive the much-needed calm and relaxation to be able to adapt to the changes at a faster pace. Needless to say, it is of utmost importance to know the right nutrition that your body and skin need along with the lifestyle changes.

Keep reading. Keep Practicing. Keep shining.

Smiles and Sunshine ☀️

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